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Loymax loyalty programs open up a lot of opportunities for marketers to interact with the client.


  • All personal data of Loymax partners are 100% secure, because the data is stored using Tier III DATA Centr power with a high degree of reliability (fault tolerance). Tier III category reliability is 99.982% or only 1.6 hours / year. Loymax system meets the latest requirements for the protection and storage of personal data (FZ 152 for the Russian market and GDPR for international companies)

«Ownership model »

  • Saas model. This is a software delivery model in which the supplier develops a web application and independently manages it, giving the customer access to the software via the Internet.
  • On-premise. This is a turnkey solution for using the loyalty program at the customer’s site.


  • The solution from Loymax has a unique property; in case of a malfunction or failure of the communication channels, the system ensures the safety of data on the operations performed. At the time of the restoration of communication data is synchronized.


  • The system is capable of processing large data arrays. Therefore, you can not worry if there is a sharp increase in the number (more than 1,000,000 transactions at a time) of participants in your loyalty program.

«Simple integrations»

  • Loymax specialists have taken care in advance that the loyalty program integration is operational. It is safe to say that the Loymax offer has the largest list of cash register software with which integration can be accomplished:
    1. 1С 7.7 (1С)
    2. AVARDA (AnSoft)
    3. RUN-Retail (RunSoft)
    4. UKM4 (Service Plus) up to version 73
    5. SET-Retail 5 (CrystalSet)
    6. FRONTOL (Atol)
    7. АСР 2 (NCR)
    8. R-Keeper 6 (UCS)
    9. R-Keeper 7 (UCS)
    10. Gestory (FIT)
    11. Profi-T (Pilot)
    12. PetroAdmin (Lukoil NSK)
    13. Shtrih-M
  • Integration with ERP. Automatic unloading of the product catalog with all Barcode Codes, attributes, codes, names and hierarchy for working in loyalty
  • The data of operations performed in the external system are transmitted via the SFTP server to the Loymax system. Based on Loymax processing, bonuses are calculated, which should be accrued to customers of the external system. The data of the received calculations are transmitted to the external system through the same SFTP server for analysis and processing.

«Open API»

  • For seamless integration with the cash register software, the site and the mobile application, we provide the REST API
  • REST API allows you to interact with card processing by conducting online operations:

    1.получение информации о картах, статусах, уровнях, данных клиента, подарках клиента

    2.списание баланса,подарков

    3.регистрация покупок

    4.активация карт

    5.регистрация анкет пользователей

    6.запрос и проверки подтверждающих SMS

    7.получение истории операций

    8.проведение возвратов

    9.получение сообщения для печати в чек(информационный и рекламный блок на чеке)

  • На основании REST APi с процессингом интегрируются все каналы работы с клиентом:

    1.Кассовое Программное обеспечение


    3.Мобильное приложение

    4.ERP система компании

    5.Информационные и коммуникационные сервисы


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